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Rescue Kittens 

These female tortie kittens were born on 23/08/27, their mother was an abandoned stray.  She was found at our neighbor's cat sanctuary where she ran into the house on her own and went into labour a few hours later.

We are not asking for anything for the kittens except for a spay agreement by 1 year of age.  If you are enroute for our puppy deliveries I would even consider delivering one to you.  Please fill out our questionare if you are interested in adopting a kitten.

I will be posting pictures and videos on our social media as they grow.  Please see the home page for Facebook and Instagram links.




Simba 1.JPG


Hersey side sit.JPG


Skor grass.JPG

Caramel - RESERVED

caramel face.JPG


Twix close up.JPG
Rescue Kittens: Males
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