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We live on a rural acreage in the land of the living skies.   We do not have a kennel, instead our dogs are treated as part of our family on our acreage.

Our Aussies are outside dogs, living in 3 massive enclosures with a fully insulated dog barn and a couple of 300 gallon swimming troughs.  They also are allowed to run free as we go about acreage life, rotated over night inside our home, and involved in various off acreage activities.

We begin cross training each dog between the ages of 6 - 18 months in a variety of working sports including obedience, dog sledding, search and rescue tracking, and search and rescue style agility. 

Our puppies are handled and loved from their first day of life.  They are born in our family room and then are moved into our guest room until they are about 3 - 4 weeks of age.

Once they outgrow our guest room, the puppies are moved into a larger puppy enclosure in our insulated / heated shop.  

As they grow, the puppies are given more and more outside freedom either in one of our secure enclosures with a couple of our adult dogs to watch them, or supervised loose around our acreage as we go about our daily  tasks.  We socialize them as much as possible with strangers, children, dogs, and cats.

We do not name our puppies, instead each one is given a collar with a unique color.  Once a puppy is sold the new family may choose the name of their puppy for us to call it by.  The puppies will keep their unique collar color until they are rehomed as a form of identification for group videos, pictures, etc.

We try to give each family regular weekly updates on their puppy as well as posting pictures and videos to our

Instagram -


and our facebook -

Hartspride Australian Shepherds

Each puppy is rehomed with a puppy bag including:  paperwork booklet (vet documentation, pedigree, registration, etc.), 30 days of health insurance through Trupanion, their puppy collar, a scented blanket from home, puppy pads, a large zip lock bag of puppy food, and a Calmeroos stuffie.  Ester-C and Nzymes samples are also available, upon request with the sale of each puppy.  All puppy bag items are based on availability.

Our dogs are fed a mixture of TLC dry food, raw food either by Evolution or home made with Urban Wolf, Ester-C supplement for joints, and Nzymes for immune system support.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a very high level of communication with prospective buyers as well as our puppies' new families.   If you are interested in purchasing a Hartspride puppy and you have any questions that have not been answered on our website, please feel free to contact us.

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