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Future Litters

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Please check back with us soon for offical announments but we are currently planning for May/June and October/September heats!

Chaos x Autumn

Echo x Onyx

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Available: Males

Currently Available

October 4, 2022

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Buddy - Available,

Saskatchewan Canada


Red Tri Male With Brown Eyes

Buddy is a puppy we held back out of our Ice and Fire litter.  He loves exploring and socializing with people and other animals.  He is curious, athletic, energetic, affectionate, and willing to please, a little shy at first but once he befriends you he will be inseperable.  Buddy loves to cuddle, he will sleep in the same room, and he has even climbed into the shower with me a few times.  He needs a home where he is family and would do well with another dog or cats.  

An absolute stunner, this puppy could make a quality breeding prospect or a lovely family dog.  Beautiful head combined with minimal white, excellent structure, good bone, heavy coat, low/medium drive, and a very strong expression.  He is going to be a show stopper.

Check out his videos on our facebook or intagram and our extra pictures below.

Out of ASCA, AKC, and CKC registered and Aussies.  Health tested lines - including OFA certifications on hips, elbows, and eyes as well as Embark DNA panel and ASCA DNA profiles.  Bloodlines are out of champion, grand champion, and hall of fame titles and proven dogs that produce Hartspride's signature coat, the splitback merle pattern.

2 year health guarentee on all of our puppies!

We are willing to consider delivery to anywhere USA and Canada as well as parts of Europe. 

Available: Males

Reserving a Puppy

If you would like to reserve a puppy or be on our wait list, please take a moment to answer our Questionnaire and look at our Terms. 

A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your puppy once it is chosen.  Please see Testimonials for references from our buyers.

For more information please check out Our Story, (history), Our Statement (breeding statement), and Our Style (how we raise our puppies.

Our most commonly asked questions –

Male or female?

It depends on what you’re looking for and on the individual dog.  Statistically, males tend to be more independent and trainable than females, however, females often mature faster.   Females are more protective of their families/herds whereas males are more protective of territory.   Males are larger and stronger but females have more energy and endurance.

What color?

Australian Shepherds’ coats have been likened to snowflakes in that no two dogs are identical.   Black coats have been genetically linked as the best dogs for trainability and performance, red coats are the most uncommon, blue and red merle coats are the most visually popular.

Will my puppy have blue eyes?

Australian Shepherds’ eye colors are very unique in that they can be almost any color including brown, hazel, green, amber, blue, and/or mixed or marbled.  Our dogs can produce all eye colors; however, we do not breed exclusively for blue eyes we do not breed exclusively for blue eyes due to the increasing health concerns associated with poorly bred blue eyed dogs.  Blue eyes are much more susceptible to light trauma in day-to-day activities and are known to be linked to blindness and deafness if the blue eye / corresponding ear are also surrounded by excessive white.

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